Molykote 6g Lubrication Packet

Molykote 6g Lubrication Packet

Item# M91235
One 6 gram packet of Molykote 33 Light, extreme low temperature zipper grease. Seasonal lubricant conditioning of your waterproof zipper is recommended. However, excessive use and/or extreme circumstances may require more frequent lubrication of your zipper. This lubricant is used to lubricated the zipper garage of the IPX8 YKK Zipper on the Waterproof USA Duffels, or the zipper garage and top-outside length of the IPX7 zipper on the Allatoona Duffels.

When using your Molykote lubricant, it doesn't take much! Each 6 gram packet is sufficient to lubricate and condition the YKK zipper garage 20-30 times, or the IPX7 full zipper 10-15 times.

NOTE: All our waterproof zippers are already pre-lubricated.

Packet dimensions: 1.75 x 3.0 inches

Safety Data Sheet PDF
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