Classic Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel Bags

Roll-Top Waterproof Duffels
Everything in the Classic Roll-Top series is built just like a traditional roll-top dry bag. The full RF-welded construction ensures a water-tight body. And you just need to roll the top down with 3 or 4 rolls and secure with buckles to keep out the water. When properly sealed the Classic Roll-Tops will even float on top of the water.

The Classic Roll-Top Duffel Bags each feature a seamless PVC interior and an attractive nylon fabric exterior.

Each Classic Roll-Top Duffel Bag features 4 deluxe D-rings, an adjustable removable shoulder strap, cross body cinch straps, and a padded carry handle. Available in 2 sizes (30L & 60L) and 3 colors (Black, Khaki, Yellow).

30L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Black
MSRP: $47.50
Sale price: $42.50
30L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Yellow
MSRP: $47.50
Sale price: $42.50
30L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Khaki
60L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Black
60L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Yellow
MSRP: $78.50
Sale price: $69.50
60L Roll-Top Waterproof Duffel - Khaki
MSRP: $78.50
Sale price: $69.50
Carabiner Bungee 4pc Kit
MSRP: $14.50
Sale price: $12.95